litterae odorum

All the senses have their own descriptive vocabularies, for example for sight, there is red, green, and yellow, and for taste there is sweet and sour, etc. But the sense of smell can have no descriptive vocabulary of its own. Rather, we borrow our adjectives from the other senses, so that it smells sour, or has a smell like roses, cloves or musk. They are all, however, terms drawn from other senses. Consequently, we  cannot describe our sense of smell. Until now:

Litterae odorum are the first characters from the olfactory alphabet, which consists of 350 letters (olfactory receptors in the nose). Quick learning of the new language is possible by the synesthetic experience.

Concept: Patrick Palcic

Design: Patrick Palcic

Scent: Anisaldehyde, Cinnamaldehyde, Citronellal, Isoamyl acetate, Sandalore

The Fantastic Five
Scent-word constellation 1
Scent-word constellation 2
Scent-word constellation 3
Scent-word constellation 4
Synaesthetic reading: See.

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