alphabetum tactus

Touch is our first language, the first sense that we acquire. Touch is our silent interface with the material world. Touch is the third dimension of surface that speaks to our emotions.

People who are deaf-blind communicate through touch-based processes, from finger spelling to exploring objects with their hands or feet. Some people who are deaf-blind use a grammar of touch that includes pressure, location, speed, hand shape and motion.

Alphabetum tactus is the suggestion of a new kind of sensory 3D alphabet. This new haptic font allows blind and sighted people to communicate with each other in a playful way.

Concept: Patrick Palcic

Design: Patrick Palcic

cantouchthis* · Exhibition Designtransfer UdK, Berlin
purmundus challenge, Exhibition Formnext Frankfurt
Plakat Mia Seeger Preis
Ausstellung Focus Open „Mia Seeger Preis“
Preisverleihung Mia Seeger Preis

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