Do you wanna be my truffle dog?

„Do you wanna be my truffle dog?“ is an installation in search of truffles. People are transformed into truffle dogs and try to sniff out the smell of the specific scent. This smell exists only in two bottles. The other vessels are provided with typical scents from the region of Tuscany.

Concept: Patrick Palcic

Design: Patrick Palcic

Scent: Essential water of lemon myrtle, rosemary, bamboo, sage, olive leaves, hay, burned wood, old leaves, broom flower, truffle. All liquids were distilled by Patrick Palcic.

Photo: Cyrus Mahboubian

Text: Patrick Palcic

Client: Villa Lena Foundation

Tuscany, 2018

Order it.

Villa Lena Foundation, Studio 5

Essential water in a small bottle
Artists in residency
Artists in action
The Opening
The Hunting. Where is the truffle scent?

„I found something different.“
„Hey Kitty!“
Official invitation

Villa Lena Artists Residence
Studio 5. My studio.
First day: Cleaning.
Red boat in the middle of the studio.
Grabbing the first herb.
Collecting herbs with my bag.
Distillation process
First Studio visit.
Presentation of my first steps.

Next day: Hunting with the truffle dogs
Baaam! The inspiration for my installation.
Searching for truffle

The results of the search
Building the structure

Collecting leaves for the circle

Ensemble of the distilled stuff
Little help
Ok, I’m done. Let the sniffing begin! (Photocredits: @neigeaugustaceleste)
The searching was not so easy, also for the real truffle dogs. But they found the first bottle.
The hunting of the truffle dogs
Also the second bottle. Well done!

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