Es liegt was in der Luft

The olfactory clock allows the user to experience the passage of time in a different way. Instead the time being read, as with other timepieces, it hangs in the air and is inhaled. At hourly intervals, a drop of essence trickles down onto the pre-heated copper dish and leaves behind a very delicate trace. A new fragrance can thus be assigned to each hour.

Concept: Patrick Palcic

Design: Patrick Palcic

Scent: 12 different essences

Photo: Patrick Palcic

Face: Emilia Knabe

Text: Patrick Palcic

Berlin, 2016


Pure Talents Award, imm-cologne
Pure Talents Contest, Halle 3.1, Pure Talents


Designpreis Halle, Ausstellung „Zeit“

Pure Talents 15 Years, Special Exhibition
Grand Opening Oukan Fashion Store

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