Scent Bar

Traditional retail faces challenges from changing consumer behaviour, urbanisation and digitalisation — including the increasingly important subject of eCommerce. But where uncertainty reigns, there is also scope for new ideas. One of these is the holistic approach of Shared Spaces.

Shared Spaces is the innovative merging of different retail sectors — both in terms of their location and service.

Kemmler & Kemmler believes that the future of retail resides in a more collaborative, modular and shared use of retail space that blends different product categories, functions, experiences and values.

To showcase this new design principle, Kemmler & Kemmler created a modular retail environment where the different core categories of beauty, mobility, fashion and food overlap and collide with each other to deliver an explosion of new ideas.

By blurring the boundaries between industries that once remained isolated, Kemmler & Kemmler presents how something exciting and new can grow from openness and unification. Exploring all the senses – taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch – showing how retail can create genuinely meaningful, multi-sensory moments that excite customers like never before.

Concept & Design: Kemmler & Kemmler GmbH and Patrick Palcic

Execution: Vizona and Lasa Berlin

Photocredits: Vizona and Kemmler & Kemmler GmbH

Textcredits: Kemmler & Kemmler GmbH

Clients: Ansorg, Visplay and Vizona

Düsseldorf, 2020