Scent Clock – There is something in the air

In our fast-paced age, everything depends on time, and you are constantly aware of what time it is. Time without numbers is unimaginable. The Scent Clock, you perceive every hour differently and consciously. Instead the time being read, as with other timepieces, it hangs in the air and is inhaled.

The twelve vessels of the clock will be filled with different essences and every hour has a different scent. In an hourly rhythm, a breeze of essence is in the air. The first scent fills the room. This process is repeated hourly, to release a new fragrance each time. The Scent Clock makes it possible for the user to experience time in a new way; time is now literally in the air.

Dimensions: 95 x 34 x 12 cm

Materials: metal (steel, brass, cupper, gold, etc), glass

Concept: Patrick Palcic

Design: Patrick Palcic

Scent: essential oils, synthetic fragrances, parfum, every scented liquid is possible

Photo: Janet Voß and Henrik Kam

Text: Patrick Palcic

Berlin, 2021


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