symphony of fragrance

The visitor stands in the middle of a room surrounded by several steel dishes. The sound of individual drops conducts the observer‘s head in the direction of the noise. The impact reverberates softly into the vibrated metal and causes the liquid inside to vibrate. The spectator perceives the fading spectacle, while gently a fine scent rises in the nose.

In the background further sounds penetrate the ear, sometimes fast successive melodies, sometimes shorter intervals. The fragrance spectrum and the tonal sequence in the room is changed with each drop. Finally, the scent clouds sounds like a harmonious symphony.

Concept: Alexander Danner, Patrick Palcic

Design: Patrick Palcic

Text: Patrick Palcic

Client: Oukan Fashion Store Berlin

Berlin, 2018

Live Performance @ Grand Opening Oukan Fashion Store
Performance @ Opening Oukan Fashion Store
Video zur Performance @ Grand Opening Oukan Fashion Store, Videocredits: Rita Francia

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