An international meeting of High End and Luxury companies and a new generation of design students from the fields of interior, product and fashion design from France and Germany.

Five luxury houses from France (members of Comité Colbert) and five high-end companies from Germany (members of Meisterkreis) invited all students to visit their headquarters to widen their view on their particular history, design philosophy and manufacturing processes.

20 students from ENSAAMA Paris were paired with 20 students from UdK Berlin, each team working for a company pair from Germany an France.


Intro Instéternel


Walter Knoll – Lorenz Bäumer

The animal skin is an important element of refinement for a manufacturer of upholstered furniture. The wrapping of the furniture with leather makes it appear valuable and stable. Jewels, on the other hand, have direct contact with human body. Skin is a sense organ and immediate background of the representation of jewelry. The way to decorate has changed. The intervention of humans in self-design seems to be just beginning.

We have tried on furniture leather the effect of various artisanal procedures such as cutting, sewing, branding, piercing and tattoos and a combination of these techniques. We stretched also wet animal skins over structures and after drying, the leather creates their own volume.

In cooperation with Christelle Duflot.

Paris, 2016








ENSAAMA Paris Ausstellung © Julio Piatti
Universität der Künste Berlin, Alte Bibliothek